We create original and compelling content and multimedia. Goldmill Entertainment is a three-time Emmy-nominated producer of original content for film, television, print, stage, and web media platforms.


Past + Present Partners Include:

Plug Ugly Publishing

Music Publishing


PLUG UGLY PUBLISHING is the music publishing arm of Goldmill, responsible for ensuring that songwriters and composers receive payment when their compositions are used commercially.

JBTV Music Television

Television Program + Digital Media


JBTV is a nationally broadcast, weekly music television program featuring live performances, music videos, and music-related interviews from emerging and established musicians.

Flatfoot 56 "Courage"

Music Video


Emmy-nominated "Courage" music video from FLATFOOT 56. From the April 2010 album "Black Thorn." Directed by Kendal Miller. Produced by Christian Picciolini.

Romantic Violence

Book + Film


In his memoir ROMANTIC VIOLENCE, Christian Picciolini shows how a well-loved kid from a good family became a leader of the early American racist skinhead movement. Now a peace advocate and award-winning producer, Picciolini faces his past with brutal honesty.

Sinister Muse Records

Record Label


SINISTER MUSE RECORDS is an independent record label whose goal is to create an atmosphere of mutual respect between the artist and the record company. They believe in building partnerships in music with the artists who create it.

Skinhead Monologues

Stage Performance


A poignant, harrowing, and brutally-honest journey through the intersecting lives of three of America’s earliest and most influential neo-Nazi skinheads, Performed as a dark and witty episodic play that is equal parts true crime, unique storytelling, and poetic honesty.

The Adventures of
Tim Buck II

Children's Book

Finding Clark

Television Program

+ Digital Media

Live/Love Project

Non-Profit Public Service Campaign

The Tastemakers

Television Program

+ Digital Media