We advise, develop, and shape organizations that change the world. Goldmill Innovation helps organizations to improve their performance and strengthen their brand through careful assessment and strategic ideation.


Past + Present Partners Include:

Kindness Not Weakness

Social Curriculum


KINDNESS NOT WEAKNESS is a character development movement that empowers people to treat each other with kindness and respect while finding the strength and determination to achieve their goals. Character development results in a natural affinity for personal responsibility, which addresses a host of symptoms caused by lack of character, such as bullying, racism, sexism, homophobia, religious intolerance, and substance abuse.


Social Program


EXIT USA was established in 2014 by Life After Hate, a social justice outreach organization, and is based on the notion that individuals join white supremacist movements not because of ideology, but due to social reasons and the search for status, identity, support, and power. The majority of EXIT USA staff are former members of white supremacist groups, although they are complemented by others, including academics and psychotherapists. 

Cinéma Vérité Consulting

Film + Media Consultant


Led by Hollywood veterans and reformed former gang members, CINÉMA VÉRITÉ CONSULTING ensures that the technical details and jargon in your script are authentic. They can enhance your project's production by guaranteeing the veracity of its setting and that of your props. They also provide the research to ensure a credible and compelling storyline. CVC will see that your script sounds right without undermining your story.

Life After Hate



LIFE AFTER HATE is a non-profit consultancy and speakers bureau dedicated to helping organizations gain the knowledge necessary to implement long-term solutions that counter all types of violent extremism and terrorism. LAH works with leaders in multiple sectors—government (foreign & domestic), military, security and intelligence, policy makers, law enforcement, private sector, higher education, civil society, entertainment, and news media—who are searching for insight and strategic solutions prior to tragedy striking.

VERO Design + Build

General Contractor and Custom Millwork


VERO DESIGN + BUILD is a commercial and residential design + build construction general contractor and custom millwork operation. VERO's goal is to work with the owners, project stakeholders, architects, designers, contractors, and suppliers to achieve a high quality and timely project for the mutual benefit of everyone on the team. VERO provides sensible design, high-quality craftsmanship, and practical solutions to everyday problems. One integrated team aligned around your vision delivering spectacular results.


Social Network


VOXi is a community of people sharing and achieving their dreams while helping others do the same. VOXi wants to remove the obstacles that stand between you and your dreams – cost, time, knowledge and fear. By developing a technology platform that allows community members from all over the world to connect, VOXi provides a crowdsourced approach to curated experiential fulfillment. In a consumer driven supply model, VOXi will connect service providers directly to their community of customers who collectively demand a bargain.

Anna Maria Pasteria


Chaos Records

Record Store

Crimson Music Group

Artist Management

Developing the B®and