GOLDMILL GROUP is a holding company made up of three creative divisions: Goldmill Talent, an artist management and development firm, Goldmill Entertainment, an Emmy Award-nominated, original multimedia production company, and Goldmill Innovation, a business concept think tank and strategic consultant.

Content Development
+ Entertainment Multimedia


We create original and compelling content and multimedia. Goldmill Entertainment is a three-time Emmy-nominated producer of original content for film, television, stage, and web media platforms.


Partners + Clients have included:

The Tastemakers, The Skinhead Monologues, Romantic Violence: Memoirs of an American Skinhead, JBTV Music Television, Flatfoot 56, Dead Town Revival, The Frantic.



Brand Innovation
+ Strategic Consulting


We advise and develop organizations that change the world. Goldmill Innovation helps  organizations to improve their performance and strengthen their brand through careful assessment and strategic ideation.


Partners + Clients have included:

Federal Bureau of Investigation, VOXi, City of Chicago Music Summit, Life After Hate, Chicago International Movies and Music Festival, JBTV Music Television, Beamboard, VERO Design + Build.



Artist Development
+ Talent Management


We are a boutique talent management and artist development firm specializing in live, touring national acts. Goldmill Talent works with artists to strengthen their brand, develop their business, and manage their careers.


Partners + Clients have included:

Sinister Muse Records, Flatfoot 56, The Briggs, The Frantic, Blacklist Royals, Treaty of Paris, State and Madison, Street Dogs, Johnny Rioux (producer), The Tattle Tales, Graham Isaacson.