GOLDMILL GROUP is committed to the prevention, intervention, disruption, and eradication of violent extremist networks. We operate under one primary principle: keep Americans safe from all enemies, foreign and domestic. We work to achieve this through fervent community advocacy and education, robust investigation analysis, and strategic planning on behalf of and with our clients. 

Goldmill Group goes where others cannot go, while providing the gold standard in community and victim advocacy, intelligence collection and analysis, and strategy planning and execution. These three pillars form the support upon which we design and implement tactical and strategic long-term solutions tailored to achieve success.


Our team of professionals uses sophisticated open-source investigative tools and techniques that enable us to find and verify the information we gather. Our methods are best-in-class:


  • Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) – data collected from public sources

  • Cyber Intelligence (CYBINT) – data discovered deep within the internet

  • Financial Intelligence (FININT) – data assembled from financial records

  • Human Intelligence (HUMINT) – data elicited from human sources

This, and our unique insight into extremist tactics and strategies, separates us from our competitors.


Our services include strategic consultancy on geostrategic threats; geopolitical risk analysis at the country, region, or subregion level addressing risks and threats to people, property, and commerce; discreet reputation risk investigation at state, corporate, and individual levels; travel risk assessment by destination and along travel corridors; cybersecurity risk assessment of existing and emerging threats; personnel investigation/vetting for both staff and partners; and independent investigation and consultative services including foreign compliance, threat review, and risk management.



District of MN Attorney General
Naval Postgraduate School
Holland Bloorview Hospital



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